March Updates

We were supposed to be in Disney but ended up staying because we had too much going on, and that was before we even knew this house was on the market! 
God really knew what he was doing! 

Anthony saw the house on Tuesday morning,  we made an offer two days later & by Friday morning, we learned our offer had been accepted! What a WEEK! 

We are set to close at the end of this month and I could not be more excited! It has the best light, which we have never had.  It has kitchen storage and a pantry, which we have never had! It's in the best neighborhood, where our kids can ride their bikes, you guessed it, WHICH WE HAVE NEVER HAD and so much more!

It's also right around the corner from my sister Tara, which the kids couldn't be more excited for.  

I think I am most excited for the big swimming pool, a big bathtub and A REAL FIREPLACE! ! No more virtual fireplace on my tv every morning while I drink my coffee! !  I am not even going to know what to do with myself yall! I may never leave!

Here are a few BEHIND THE SCENES photos we snapped the day Anthony did our inspection.

What do yall think???

so much of what's happened in our lives this year has to do with the success of Anthony's growing home inspection business & our company ETERNAL 

& for that I want to say THANK YOU!!!

Even if you have never bought from me, 
simply being here & sharing this space means so much!

 & I will never take it for granted! 

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that's it for now! 
Happy St. Patricks Day!
Hope yall have a great weekend!